The Genesis Cloud Platform

    IoT/AI/ML Enabled Plant Operations

  • Uptime as a service through automated decision making for every machine, system and plant across your enterprise.

    Genesis is a cloud platform that flows your existing operational and maintenance data into next generation AI/Machine Learning engines data that increase uptime while lowering supporting maintenance costs, extending equipment life and increasing safety.

    AI/ML Pipeline


    Poor data quality adversely impacts the accuracy of any analytics solutions often generating significant false alarms. Data dropouts due to harsh industrial environments and frequent outliers due to varying data acquisition speeds are just a few examples of poor data quality.. Genesis Data Quality algorithms contain knowledge-based data curation libraries and imputation algorithms that allow users to recover missing observations and enhance data quality.

    Data Modeling Engines


    Industrial data often has diminished value in its raw form. Advanced data transformations using statistical machine learning and signal processing methods enable the extraction of high-fidelity degradation and performance based features that can be utilized to improve fault diagnostics and prognostics.

    Decision Support Engines


    Fault detection algorithms are often plagued with false alarms, which typically increase exponentially with the number of sensors being monitored. Advanced data fusion and variable selection algorithms are used to minimize and control false alarm rates while harnessing high density sensor observations to improve detection sensitivity.

    Multi-Plant Deployment


    Effective fault diagnostics are essential for engineering and service personnel. The effectiveness of the diagnostic algorithm is a direct function of the accuracy of the governing fault detection algorithm. Genesis utilizes proprietary machine learning methods and powerful feature extraction capabilities to ensure high-fidelity diagnostic capability.